Do Male Cats Recognize Their Kittens?

Do Male Cats Recognize Their Kittens

Fathers are portrayed as unpredictable and irrational if we compare both parents. Aren’t they? Even though it might not apply to all fathers, it does to feline fathers. They don’t have a great reputation for being devoted fathers or loving parents to their children. According to surveys, male felines typically do not participate in the lives of offspring in the same way the mom feline does. A mom’s feline’s job comes before a father’s. …

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Why is My Cat Hiding and Not Eating?

cat hiding and not eating

Cats are among the cutest creatures due to their distinctive traits and endearing behaviors. However, one adorable behavior occurs when your cat initiates a hide-and-seek game. But, when your cat is lurking, you may wonder, “Why is she hiding and refusing to eat anything all of a sudden?” Why is my cat hiding and not eating? When stressed, anxious, or afraid, cats hide and avoid consuming. They would also conceal if their behavior …

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Caring Tips for Elderly Cats

caring tips for elderly cats

As your cat gets older, it’s crucial to keep them healthy and satisfied. Your elderly cat companion becomes more vulnerable as they become older, requiring special care. Your feline might slow down and sleep more frequently, preferring silence and isolation over longer amounts of playfulness and exploration while they were kittens. Your elderly feline may have entered their double digits and has changed much since you first brought them home. Generally speaking, elder …

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Do Cats Remember Their Mom and Siblings?

Do cats remember their mom and siblings?

Female felines produce a big litter; thus, kittens get 4-8 siblings. Their moms also look after their offspring for an average of 14 weeks; therefore, siblings have plenty of time to know each other well. So, it seems logical to question if cats usually recognize one another if they meet after years. Do cats remember their mom and siblings? Cats recognize each other based on a similar smell. Siblings often interact …

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Can I Leave My Cat Alone at Home?

living with cats in apartment; kitten playing

Leaving kittens home unattended feels normal to humans. People regard cats as incredibly intelligent creatures; however, exactly how self-reliant are they? Could they be alone themselves at a house for a single day, week, or month? Do cats experience loneliness? Despite the fact that cats are recognized for being active, you sometimes feel bad keeping them unattended when you’re in the office. However, you could always look out for them owing to distant interactive devices like cat cams. …

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Caring Tips for Newborn Kittens and a Mother Cat

Caring Tips for Newborn Kittens and a Mother Cat

Postnatal attention for a mom cat and her young babies is important once she has delivered offspring, and monitoring abilities are necessary during this sensitive period. In the initial weeks, keep an eye out for medical problems and kitten physiological changes like their level of energy. Postoperative could happen in the mom cat, so keep mom and her babies in a safe, cozy place away from the noisier areas of the …

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How to Know If Cats Are Playing or Fighting?

How to Know If Cats Are Playing or Fighting

Cats like battling and fighting with each other; however, they often fight. How to Know If Cats Are Playing or Fighting? Even though two littermates have been living side by side peacefully their entire existence, there seems to be a potential that conflicts might occur. It’s possible to lose control, or the chemistry in a friendship could shift for some other cause, and what started out as fun could soon turn into …

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10 Ways Cats Change Our Lives For The Better

Ways cats change our lives

Having a cat may be a very wonderful experience. A cat has the potential to relax your nervous state while also providing an immediate source of entertainment and pleasure. Cats are active creatures that like scavenging and exploring in their own time, but they equally incredibly love with their masters and anyone they love. Most cats like curling around in your chest after a hard day of work as you enjoy TV …

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Do Cats Recognize Their Owner’s Face and Voice?

Do cats recognize their owner's face and voice

Cats, unlike most domesticated species, do not see people as their rulers or owners. They do not really know their owners by face, giving them an unjustified image as a strange breed. Do cats recognize their owner’s face and voice? Cats can’t tell who their masters are by staring at them since their resting expressions are identical. Cats, on the other hand, distinguish between people primarily by voice and scent. Cats learn …

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11 Ways Cats Show Affection To You

ways cats show affection

It’s sometimes assumed that canines are more loving than felines, although this isn’t always true. Sure, canines exhibit more overt displays of affection, such as bouncing body gestures and a huge, drooly mouth for licks. It could make it appear as if they inherently prefer their humans over their feline companions. But, just because a feline doesn’t wiggle its tail (except when it’s upset) doesn’t imply it doesn’t appreciate the affection! …

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