Caring Tips for Newborn Kittens and a Mother Cat

Caring Tips for Newborn Kittens and a Mother Cat

Postnatal attention for a mom cat and her young babies is important once she has delivered offspring, and monitoring abilities are necessary during this sensitive period. In the initial weeks, keep an eye out for medical problems and kitten physiological changes like their level of energy. Postoperative could happen in the mom cat, so keep mom and her babies in a safe, cozy place away from the noisier areas of the …

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Is Catnip Good for Cats? Facts You Should Know

Is catnip good for cats

Everyone requires relaxation time. A small reward after a long day will be highly appreciated, and sometimes required. And besides, running a company and finding time for oneself isn’t simple. Simply ask your feline companion. Your feline is occupied at the house when you’re at the office, ruling at her domain, chasing out bugs, and establishing her boundary. She earned a reward. Is catnip good for cats? For many felines, a few moments with …

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All You Need To Know About Constipation In Cats

constipation in cats

Constipation in felines is a very prevalent condition, but the sources and signs vary greatly from one feline to the next. Learn everything you have to understand about this problem in order to cure it speedily and keep it from reemerging unexpectedly in your feline’s life. If you feel your feline is constipated, you’re probably keen to learn out what’s causing the problem and how you may help your adorable feline. In this …

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How Often Should I Feed My Cat and Kitten?

How Often Should I Feed My Cat and Kitten

Welcoming a kitty or an elderly feline into your household is always thrilling. However, dietary concerns might be stressful. Your feline’s dietary requirements will vary as she ages. So figuring out how frequently to feed your feline is crucial. How Often Should I Feed My Cat and Kitten? There are a few primary elements to consider while feeding your feline, including the unique dietary demands of your feline based on her phase and the …

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How To Keep Cats Cool During Summer

how to keep cats cool during summer

Everyone knows how to stay fresh in the scorching heat; however, are you aware of how to maintain your feline companions cool in this weather? It’s crucial to maintain your pet cool, pleased, and healthy throughout the warm seasons — here are a few helpful hints! Felines were evolved from tropical creatures in countries such as Asia and Egypt, and they appreciate the sunlight and warmth. On the other hand, excessive …

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Can Cats Safely Eat Hot Dogs?

can cats safely eat hot dogs?

Perhaps many pet owners are guilty of giving human food to their four-legged friends. If you find your cat begging you to give him a bite of that freshly-cooked hot dog, you might be wondering: can cats safely eat hot dogs? What will happen if they eat one? Many would give their cat that small piece of hotdog. However, is it the right thing to do? Although cats are carnivores, …

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Is Wet or Dry Cat Food Better?

wet or dry cat food, which one better?

When you first get a feline, deciding between wet or dry cat food might be tough. If served in an adequate quantity, both are wonderful suppliers of nutrients, and many feline owners choose to combine both. You’ll have to determine how much to serve your feline once you’ve found the proper sort of canned wet food. There are basic rules for what amount of wet food to give to your felines of all shapes and sizes. A …

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Can Cats Eat Bananas?

can cats eat banana

While bananas make a delicious and nutritious snack for humans, do they also make a nutritious treat for our feline friends? The short answer is cats can eat bananas, but should they eat one? Sure, they can munch and gnaw on this soft substance, but is it recommended that they eat this fruit every day? Read on to know more about how bananas can affect a cat’s body, the risks …

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Can Cats Have Whipped Cream?

can cats have whipped cream?

Can cats have whipped cream? If you’re one of those cat owners, read on to find out if cats can eat whipped cream, is it safe or bad for them.

Can I Give Cats Dog Food?

puppy and kitten, can I give cats dog food

We’re going to answer some of the most common questions about cats and dog foods, such as the differences between cat food and dog food, can I give cats dog food, and so on