List of Fruits Cats Can Eat

fruits that cats can eat

Being a pet parent, you might have several questions about choosing safe fruits that cats can eat. Not to bother, I will provide all the necessary info for you in this article.

Reasons Why A Cat Is Losing Weight

It is often not simple to tell if your feline is losing weight. The layer of hair that covers most felines could hide weight loss till a significant change occurs. Unexpected weight loss in pets is something to be concerned about. If you’re not attempting to assist your pet in losing some weight, particularly if your feline is old, a medical problem could be the reason. Unexpected weight loss in felines can be caused …

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Common Reasons Why Cats Stop Eating and Drinking

Even though your pet appears to be acting fine, you must be careful if they stop eating and drinking for over a day. Felines need to consume more often than canines because their bodies are not built to withstand prolonged periods of hunger.

What’s Behind Cats’ Eye Color?

cat with blue eyes starring

The cats’ eye colors are extraordinarily diverse, with greater variance than many other creatures in the wild! The upright iris of the feline’s eye distinguishes it from practically all other animals in the world. The pigment of a cat’s eye is determined by the amount of melanin handed down through their genetics from their parents. Melanin also regulates the pigmentation amounts in the skin and hair. This article has all details …

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The Fear of Cats or Ailurophobia and How to Overcome?

For the majority of the population, cats are among the common pet to have at home. However, people suffering from Ailurophobia have problems simply watching cats close to them; some might have problems looking at anything that keeps reminding them of felines or hearing their voice. It is because Ailurophobia is particularly stressful for individuals experiencing it. These things can prevent you from living your life to the fullest and makes situations awkward for you. What is …

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