Which Cat Breed Should I Adopt?

Adopting your first cat is a thrilling feeling; however, it could also be stressful. A new cat is as adorable as it is snuggly, but it is certainly a great deal of work, particularly if you buy a kitten rather than an adult cat.

Cats might appear to be easier to care for than canines because they’re in some respects. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to take care of them. They also require love, effort, and care. You must understand everything about them, including the time and the food to serve them to techniques to “teach” them. If you’re an immature cat parent, choose a cat that will make your life simpler.

Which Cat Breed Should I Adopt? Cats, just like every other creature, have individual traits. Some species are slightly more high-maintenance than the rest, whereas some cats are more jovial and outgoing than everyone else. You would like an easygoing cat for the first time, particularly if you own other animals. You need a cat that won’t be taking up a lot of your attention.

The following cat breeds are excellent examples. Generally, they’re laid-back and simple; however, each cat, irrespective of breed, is unique. However, despite how “innocent” a cat appears to be, you are still accountable for them, therefore handle them carefully! Here are some suggestions you’ll appreciate.

Best 13 cat breeds for first-time cat owners:

1. Ragdoll

If you would like a cat that is both exciting to engage with and affectionate, a Ragdoll is a breed for you. These friendly cats get together with everybody (as well as other pets, which may be a great advantage), are quite versatile, like snuggling, and are really calm. These cats are also simple to groom and maintain. They don’t shed much as they have short hair.

Ragdoll cats get their title from their gentle personality. Whenever picked up, they prefer to go floppy, resembling rag dolls. People were once thought to be incapable of feeling pain. Ragdoll cats have curly hair and distinctive color patterning, identical to Siamese cats. Blue pupils and a canine-like temperament set them apart from the rest.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: woodsilver from Pixabay

Ragdolls are huge, puffy cats. The head, paws, tip, and eyes of pointed breed cats are black in color to their lighter-colored torso. Irrespective of the slight shade variances in their irises, their blue eyeballs are a distinguishing attribute.

2. Persian

Persian cats, sometimes called Iranian cats or Shiraz cats (after an Iranian city), have beautiful, thick fur layers. This sort of breed comes in a wide range of colors and has flat heads which are unique to other feline breeds. Persian cats have appeared in numerous films, paintings, and advertisements for centuries. To avoid tangling, their fur must be groomed often. Purebreds could suffer from a variety of illnesses, particularly kidney and heart problems.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: deliabertola from Pixabay

Persian cats are so adorable that they appear to be plush creatures, though they’re not. They’re the oldest famous cat breed, due to their attractive appearance as well as their pleasant nature. It can take a while for Persians to adjust to different surroundings; however, when they do, they would feel right at house in your house, especially if you reside in a highly hectic region. It is necessary to comb them frequently, although it is worthwhile.

They have beautiful white tresses and bright eyes. They are particularly famous in France and also the United States; however, their popularity is growing in India too. They are picky by temperament and need the master’s constant care and maintenance.

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are known for their reddish agouti hairs, which provide them with a distinctive striped look. They are native to Ethiopia (originally Abyssinia). It has pointy ears as well as a wedge-shaped skull which looks great. Its physique is likewise sporty. Abys are active, intelligent cats who spend more time following their humans around. They are very beloved by their parents because of their lively, canine-like personalities.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Dmitry Tsapenko from Pixabay

The Abyssinian, among the world’s ancient feline breeds, has retained its elegant beauty through thousands of years, better known for its gorgeous colors, slender physique, and big ears.

Abyssinians possess a wonderful attitude, are simple to care for, and are highly interested and lively animals. They like exploring and would certainly keep you occupied. They don’t particularly enjoy snuggling, therefore that’s something to consider. They enjoy human company; however, they prefer to be close to their beloved person instead of on your lap.

4. American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat is a smart shorthair furball having a circular face as well as tiny ears and it is originally an all-American breed. They are commonly misidentified as household mixed-breed cats, despite the fact that they are purebred species. The cat’s name was changed in 1966 to differentiate it from native shorthair felines. This medium-sized creature’s sociable temperament makes it a perfect buddy for households having kids or other animals. The American shorthair is among North America’s most famous purebred cat breeds.

The famous Pilgrim mouser, the American shorthair, is said to have appeared in America on the fabled voyage and rapidly gained fame owing to its capability to fight rodents and other infestations. Considering their hunting heritage, they are indeed a preferred cat breed in homes across the globe and are known for being friendly and charming companions.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Kari Dickinson from Pixabay

They’re not difficult to discover, and they end up making it very simple to approach, which is ideal for first-time pet owners. They’re also recognized for being laid-back, nice, calm, and affectionate. American Shorthairs crave your company; however, they don’t require it all of the time and could distract themselves whenever necessary.

Since American shorthairs live for a prolonged time, they’re a good pick for families looking for a companion for their children to be raised with. They’re also famous for being quite gentle with children and canines, therefore they might be a wonderful match for your family if you have children. These kitties are also low-maintenance, which means you don’t need to groom them regularly.

5. Himalayan

Just like Persians, the Himalayan cat is categorized as a mixed breed in certain cat associations and also as a different species in someone else. The Himalayans have always been produced by breeding Persians with Siamese to get their pigment characteristics. They love to receive care and love from their masters because they are energetic. They can be easily groomed and need to be cleaned twice a month.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Claudia Schmalz from Pexels

6. Bengal

A Bengal’s speckled fur is perhaps the most distinctive feature, but it really is extraordinarily flexible and strong. Given the idea that almost all cats of the same species have different characteristics, Bengals are frequently active and mischievous in a kitty-like way, especially in their adult years. They need animal owners who can keep them entertained and engaged, and also patience for a cat that might flourish in much more dynamic, richer surroundings. 

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: irina kukuts from Pixabay

7. Bombay

Bombay cats have a strong resemblance to panthers. They were developed in the 1950s by breeding a household shorthair cat and a Burmese cat. Researchers in the United States want to produce a cat with a Burmese bone structure with black fur and copper irises. The Feline Fanciers’ Organization ultimately recognized the new species in the early 1980s, and although it wasn’t the most common, it has a devoted fanbase. Most Bombays appreciate being caressed and interacted with on a regular basis, making them great mates for busy cat owners.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Alexander Raissis from Unsplash

8. Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats have rich grey or silvery hair that seems to be short and velvety. There are some thin bands on them, but no additional designs. Considering their frail proportions, Russian Blues feature double coats that provide them with a silky look. Their eyes are generally golden, and their faces have a distinct “smile.”

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: spartacusandmarie from Pixabay

Russian Blues are usually calm and prefer to rest in a beautiful place, although they are talkative with their parents. They have a tendency to isolate themselves from large gatherings of strangers.

9. Devon Rex

They resemble Devon rex cats having their short, wavy fur and thin physique with huge ears. The Devon rex cat, sometimes known as “a monkey in a feline body,” is energetic and athletic. This energetic, sweet-natured feline would win your love! They might also be disciplined and good at performing tricks.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Kulli Kittus from Unsplash

This hyperactive species flourishes when socialized with other canines, humans, or games, so provide a conducive atmosphere, and never leave them by themselves for longer durations.

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10. Siamese 

These are among South Asia’s most popular cat species, with origins in China, where cats are said to have originally been bred. They are medium-sized cats with thin legs, round claws, and conical rear legs. They feature a muscular build and a dark cream coloration.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Siamese cats are smart and entertaining to be around. Their look is easy to maintain: they also do not have thick fur; therefore, they don’t need much brushing or cleaning. They have a pleasant attitude and are devoted, yet they are also outgoing and adventurous.

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11. Somalis

Somalis are lively and fun, with a lot of enthusiasm – so never let that bother you. They’re easygoing animals who enjoy interacting with other humans and creatures. This is fantastic if you own additional animals or reside with a large group of family members! They’re totally skilled at enjoying their company, but they like to be around their masters, therefore you would always have someone with you.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Gina Harris from Pexels

These cats have a unique multi-toned fur pattern that appears in four different colors. Somalis flourish if they have a trustworthy individual who gives them complete love, trains them, interacts with them, and they like playing more than they enjoy cuddling. They’re also quite intelligent felines; therefore, don’t be shocked if they figure out how to grab the catnip off the upper rack while you’re at the office.

12. Burmese

Burmese cats, the same as Maine Coons, like being near humans and are recognized for possessing dog-like characteristics. Burmese cats adore being with their owners and may create deep ties and stay quite devoted, but if you’re accustomed to canines, you’ll love them. They are extremely loyal, smart, and adventurous, and they will never betray you.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Adina Voicu from Pixabay

13. Birman

A Birman may be identified by its striking blue eyes and lovely brown snout. They vary in a range of shades; however, they’re always born white and eventually acquire different-colored fur. Birmans are kind and calm, and they easily mix with just about everyone. This cat species is extremely low-maintenance. You won’t need to brush them daily or give them a bath.

Which cat breed should I adopt?
Image credit: Abdullah Efe from Pixabay

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Final thought

Selecting the correct cat species is an important commitment that you won’t be able to quit after some years. Think carefully if you prefer a purebred cat or a stray one before purchasing one. Do you really have time in your everyday routine to look after it? Is it better to keep it inside or outside? Would you be capable of keeping it secure, especially while living alone?

To greet this newest furry friend, try cat-proofing your house. It will aid in keeping the kitty secure. Aside from that, buy a few plush toys, such as balls, plush rabbits, and other engaging games, to maintain these furry friends entertained. You might also want to purchase a few more items that would be needed on a daily basis. The checklist comprises a cat litter, combing rake or brush, feeding dish, nail clipper, and other items.

It’s best to maintain the drinking and feeding dish in a constant position so that the kitty remembers where they are and can get to them anytime they like. Additionally, selecting the appropriate cat feed is essential. Ensure that you research everything needed, speak with a vet regarding the dietary content of the feed, and evaluate the selected diet accordingly.

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